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It will crack

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Q: Why isn't glass allowed in salt mines?
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How many salt mines are there?

There are 7 million salt mines.

How is salt made in America?

There are two types of salt. The types are sea salt and mined salt. Much of the salt produced in the United States is from mines. When the salt is taken from the mines it is cleaned and processed for use. Lye is used to clean the salt. Sea salt comes from the ocean. Beds of salt water are made and then allowed to evaporate leaving the salt behind. The salt is then cut into bricks to be sold. Sea salt comes in different colors depending on where it is produced.

Where are the African salt mines located?

The salt mines in Africa where located in tha city of Taghaza The salt mines in Africa where located in tha city of Taghaza

How do you get salt from the ground?

Salt is extracted from salt mines.

What did rainforest kingdoms trade?

They traded gold, salt. They had a lot of gold mines and salt mines.

Where was salt discovered?

Thousands of years ago the ancients mined salt ( many of those mines are still working) and it is the salt mines that gave them the salt.

Table salt originate?

sea salt or salt mines

Where does mines of salt come from?

Salt in mines is the result of the evaporation of oceans waters billions years ago.

What is the main source of common salt?

Salt mines

How do you get it salt?

Salt is extracted from mines or sea water.

How do miners get the salt out?

Salt is extracted from salt mines or from sea waters.

How do miners get salt?

Salt is extracted from salt mines as a solid or as a brine.