Why is the xbox 360 so great?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because it has many games on it and you can play the games that you like. It also has pretty good graphics and its kind of cheap. It has many other things and accessories on it, which I'm really sorry I don't know about because I don't have one but my friend does. In my opinion I think its great.

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Q: Why is the xbox 360 so great?
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Which is better the Xbox 360 connect or just the Xbox 360?

You need good room size and there is not a great deal of games , so xbox 360 is better But if your into fitness then connect is worth it

Which Xbox is better Xbox Xbox 360 Xbox Pro Xbox Elite etc.?

the Xbox is a great console for any gamer. In my opinion the Xbox 360 is the best.

What shooting game is great for xbox 360?

It would be Halo...i have it for my xbox 360 and it is the best, i can never get enough of it

Why is splinter cell conviction only for xbox 360?

because xbox 360 is made by Microsoft and so is the game so the game is copyrighted for xbox 360

New Xbox 360 dashboard?

is great !

Does Xbox 360 controllers work on the Xbox?

No because the Xbox 360 was made after the Xbox so the electronic's aren't the same. :/

How do you enter a cheat on the Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 does not have cheat codes, so you can't.

Is the Xbox 360 a panited white Xbox?

the xbox 360 arcade and the old 20 gig-60gig is, but the xbox elite is black and so is the new xbox 360 250 gig.

Can you play an XBOX one game on a XBOX 360?

No. The games are developed for the updated console (Xbox 360). So they will not work, although you can play xbox games on the 360.

Where can you buy xbox 360 Kinect?

Amazon have some great Xbox Kinect bundles, but demand is heavy so you are advised to buy early.

What are some good seeds for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition?

Modded is a great minecraft xbox 360 seed and worstseedever

Will Halo Reach work on a xbox 360 arcade?

Yes because its a xbox 360 game so it shall work on all xbox 360