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Yes. On PC you can have console commands and addons.

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Q: Why is the Sims 3 better on PC than Wii?
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Which is better The Sims 3 for Wii or PC?

PC! :)

Why is The Sims 2 for Ps2 not as good or detailed as The Sims 2 for PC?

I'm not really sure, but I have the sims 2 for wii and the sims 2 for PC, and the PC one is definetly the better of the two. It could be because a computer could handle a complex game better than ps2 or wii.

Will sims 3 be better on PC wii xbox or ps3?


Can you have a weekend on The Sims?

Yes on the PC version of Sims 2 but not on the PlayStation or Wii

Can you have kids on the sims 2 pets?

In the sims 2 pets for PC i think you can but, sadly, in the consoles you cant. :( I hope that help'ed!

Are all sims 3 games for PC?

yes, the game hasn't been made for any other consoles yet YES now they have The Sims 3 for xbox 360,wii, and they have the sims 2 for Sony psp. But the sims are better on the computer/pc. -ashley84512 No they have made it for other consoles but not large consoles like Wii.

Will sims 3 pets come out in wii?

No. The sims 3 wii (which is nothing like the sims 3 pc) does not have any expansion packs. Sorry

What is more fun Playing sims on PC or PS2?

Its really a matter of opinion but i think that Sims 2 PC is a lot better than Sims 2 PS2

Is there a The Sims 3 on DS GameCube or Wii?

No, the Sims 3 is currently only for PC.

What system is Sims 3 for?

The Sims 3 can be on the Xbox 360, DS, PC and the Wii......

Is Sims 3 Good On The Wii And Is It The Same As The PC Version?

Sims 3 is very good on the wii. It is not the same as the computer version.

Which PC game is better the sims 3 generation or sims 3 showtime?

The sims 3 showtime is better because you get more oppertunities than Generations.