Why is shaymin so cool?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I dont like it its stupid and kinda weird.

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Q: Why is shaymin so cool?
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Can you get shaymin without a action replay?

There was an event to get shaymin, but it has ended so your chance is that someone trade it with you.

How do you get shaymin in Pokemon sky?

Ive never heard of a Pokemon Sky. Don't you mean: "How do you get sky shaymin in Pokemon?" If so, then you must have a shaymin in your party in Pokemon Platinum. Then go to Flaroma Town and talk to a woman that isn't inside a house. She will give you a flower which can be used on shaymin only during the day to change the land shaymin to sky shaymin. ________ Pokemon SKy is the newest Pokemon Mystery Doengon game! to get a shaymin u will need to go to the shaymin village. that's all i know so far. sorry lol

What is the ar code to get shaymin in your PC?

you don't need one. the Nintendo event for shaymin is still here. shaymin is lv30 so you don't to hurt your game with cheat codes.

What level does chorfish evolve on?

45 and so does shaymin

How do you get shaymin's sky form in SoulSilver?

Shaymin is event-only, so you can't get it in Soul Silver unless you trade it from another game.

When will the Pokemon platinum shaymin be given away?

the shaymin event has already gone you had to pre-order platinum from game and you got a shaymin i don't know what level because i didn't get it you got a giratina figure and when you had the event shaymin in your party you spoke to a lady in florama town and you got the gracedia flower (cool) HOPE IT HELPED plus soon there will be a regigigas event which is lv.100 instead of lv.1

If you get it by action replay on platinum can shaymin turn in to sky form?

it depends on if the action replay makes you shaymin's original trainer i think you also have to have leagally fought shaymin at the spring path (so you can get the flower)

Is mew three in Pokemon Platinum?

there is no mew three. there will be 5 new pokemon. there are two forms of giratina and shaymin. there are 5 new rotoms yes it is but if u want it u will have to pass it over from GBA. yes the second form of shaymin is so cool tho but how do i get the flower that changes him into the second form and it only happens at day

Is anyone willing to trade a shaymin for a grovyle if so give me your friend code?

No one will want to shaymin is SUPER rare and you have to buy it or cheat.

How do you get a Shaymin in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

you can't...veronica What do u do in shaymin village anyway y is it so important?Megan

Can you find a shiny shaymin?

activate the shiny code with action replay and then activate the shaymin evant as well so you find a shiny shamin

How do you get on the island to catch Shaymin on Pokemon diamond?

get oak's letter from a event. i recommend getting wifi so u can get that shaymin from mystery gift.