Why is ourworld not working?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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its because like in may it did the same thing it sometimes happens with everybody computers i think it depends it been making mine not work

My user on ourworld is Kk23 be my friend if u want


well it is because they could be upgrading ourworld OR you could be banned. sometimes if you are on to much it says 'ERROR' or something. thats what happened to me. I am xXMarioGalaxyxX so add me!

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Q: Why is ourworld not working?
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Is ourworld gem hack working?

If You Tried To Download One It May Hack You COMPUTER !! That's why I Don't Download Them !!

How do you makeout on ourworld?

You Cant Make Out on ourworld .

Is there an OurWorld 2?

No, at this time there is not an OurWorld 2.

When was Ourworld created?

Ourworld was created in 2008-09.

Who made ourworld game?

krista jolie made ourworld

Are there any ourworld cheats?

yes. Go to this site:

Can you do the moonwalk on ourworld?

yes i can do moonwalk and u ? what ur name in ourworld ?

Why do you have 40 slots in ourworld?

The 40 slots on ourworld indicate how many items you can have in your inventory on ourworld. You can always buy extra inventory on ourworld with gems or get residency which can get you more inventory space. Hope this helped :)

Is ourworld a game?

ourWorld is a social game where teens can interact in a virtual world! You can learn more about outWorld by visiting this site --

What is an ourworld gem code for 500 gems?

Now, because of the Ourworld changes, you have to download the toolbar and find out the gem code from there, the code only works if you load ourworld from the Link on the toolbar.Credit:

Who invtede ourworld?

if the question is who invented ourworld and i am assuming you mean the game, Flowplay

Does ourworld coast any money?

Nope. You don't need money to play on ourworld. But you need to pay to become a resident on ourworld. Residency costs $5.99 in America. Residents get gems on ourworld (150 gems each month!). They can have a bigger condo and bigger inventory, as long with several other upgrades. You can learn more about ourWorld by visiting this site --