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His nickname from basic training is "soap.

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Q: Why is mactavish MW2 called soap mactavish?
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Is Soap MacTavish real?

No, Capt. John 'Soap' MacTavish is the fictional protagonist of CoD: MW, MW2, and MW3.

Who is Cpt Mactavish?

Captian Mactavish's full name is Captian John "Soap" Mactavish. He serves in COD (Call of Duty) 4 MW, MW2, and MW3.

What is 'Soap' MacTavish's real name?

John 'Soap' Mactavish

Does soap mctavish die in MW2?

No unfortunately Soap Mactavish died in Modern Warfare 3 when a previous stab wound re-opened, causing fatal damage to his liver. R.I.P. Soap!!

Is captian mactavish in MW2 British or Australian?

he is British

In modern warfare 2 is captain mactavish soap?

captain mactavish is soap from call of duty 4

Who is more famous Bob Miller or Craig MacTavish?

neither, Soap MacTavish

What person tangles jello?

Soap MacTavish

Why is Soap MacTavish so awesome?

He Has a Mowhawk :)

Is Soap Mactavish playable in MW3?


In modern warfare 2 what is captain mactavish's first name?

Captain John "Soap" MacTavish

What are the characters in Call of Duty?

All i know from Cod4 and Modern warfare 2 is Sgt.Griggs and Lt.Vasquez i think Capt.Price Gaz Al-asad Soap Mactavish. From MW2 i don't have it yet i know Capt.Mactavish he's a Captin In MW2 And Roach That's all i know.