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Q: Who does the voice of soap mactavish in modern warfare 2?
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In modern warfare 2 is captain mactavish soap?

captain mactavish is soap from call of duty 4

In modern warfare 2 what is captain mactavish's first name?

Captain John "Soap" MacTavish

Who is soap in modern warfare 2?

Soap is MacTavish in campaign mode. (A good guy)

Will soap mactavish be in call of duty modern warfare 3?

Yes, along with Price and Nikolai.

Who becomes the character in the final three missions of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Soap Mactavish

Call of duty modern warfare 2 does soap mactavish die?

he gets stabbed in the chest and barely lives

In modern warfare 2 what happens to makarov?

Makarov does not take part in Modern Warfare 2, because he dies on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. He gets shot by Sgt. Soap Mactavish the person you play as. I don't want to spoil what exactly happens. Soap is also on Modern Warfare 2.

No you will be with Nikolai from modern warfare 1 and captain price from both modern warfare games it will be the sequel to call of duty modern warfare 2?

If there is a Modern Warfare 3, it will be Soap (Mactavish), Price, Nikolai, and any other survivor of task force 141 V.S. Makarov.

Does soap mctavish die in MW2?

No unfortunately Soap Mactavish died in Modern Warfare 3 when a previous stab wound re-opened, causing fatal damage to his liver. R.I.P. Soap!!

Who is Soap on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

In COD 4 MW, John "Soap" MacTavish is a Scottish sergeant under the British SAS. He is the primary protagonist whom you play in the game.

What is 'Soap' MacTavish's real name?

John 'Soap' Mactavish

Do you need COD 4 modern warfare to follow modern warfare 2?

Not really. Really the only part where their paths cross is the rescue of Captain Price, where he calls MacTavish as Soap. This shouldn't confuse you greatly. Plus, the game's campaign is still very confusing, despite having little to do with Modern Warfare.