Why is gaming bad?

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Gaming is reported to be 'bad' due to the unhealthiness of just sitting in front of a screen for most of the day.

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Q: Why is gaming bad?
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How is gaming good or bad for people?

Gaming can help improve eyesight

What is a good thesis statement for gaming addiction?

I don't think it's necessarily bad, I know I have a gaming addiction and pretty much the only bad thing about it is that you think about it all the time(kind of). It could be bad IF you take it to far, but I'm pretty sure its fine

Is the eVGA e-GeForce 6200 good for gaming?

No it terrible for gaming. It is old and even when it was a new it bad.

What is the best gaming computer ever made in the world?

The best gaming PC would be Alienware. It has great performance. But the bad thing is the price. $3,999!!

Is gaming bad for you?

Gaming is only bad for you if it takes over your life. If you don't do anything else, for example:It stops you from going out with your friendsIt stops you from doing your homeworkIt stops you from working out.,It stops you from getting a good night sleep.Everything should be done in moderation. Gaming, eating, drinking, even dare I say...exercising.

Would the alienware laptops be good for school?

No, they are very bad with most things that don't include gaming, they run very poorly on the internet and are meant for gaming which means they are only good for gaming, I would know, I paid $1800 for an alienwar laptop and it sucked.

Why do people think it is bad to have online games?

There are several answers as to why many do not partake in online gaming. One reason is that online gaming can become highly addictive, and depending on the type of gaming (e.g. gaming systems, online poker, etc.), it can also become expensive. Another thing is, looking at the computer or television screen can damage your eyesight, because of the rays that are emitted from the screen. Also, listening to the sound too loud can damage your hearing. And finally, it can contribute to stiff joints and sore hands. Online gaming is fun, but should be played in moderation. Happy gaming! My answer is it's not bad to have online games. I have online games. There's NOTHING wrong with it. Online gaming > local network.

Is console or PC gaming better?

It really depends on the generation and/or the computer you got, anything pre-xbox is weak compared to PC gaming, yet, there have been cheaper consoles than computers recently, and those consoles run faster most of the time. For the fact that I have a bad computer, I prefer console gaming

Is Call of Duty Black Ops 2 bad?

This being a matter of opinion, and what the gamer's interest is in gaming - some will say that this game has made a downfall in the gaming industry. There are others who state that this game is the best of year.

Computer gaming is good or bad?

Gaming is good! But too much of a good thing can be bad. Gaming is entertainment and lets you escape the stresses of everyday life for a bit. However, the motto is: "Everything in moderation"... If gaming starts to become an addiction or rule your day, then it's time to take a reality check and get back to real life!Most of the people who claim "gaming is bad" are referring to the violence and its affect on children/teens. However, major studies have been done recently on this subject by reputable sources, namely The Harvard Medical School Center for Mental Health, The Journal of Adolescent Health, and The British Medical Journal, which have shown no conclusive link between video game usage and violent activity.

What you mean by a gaming platform?

a gaming platform is known to be a gaming sytem, such as the PS3 and Wii

What is the motto of BMI Gaming?

The motto of BMI Gaming is 'The World's Largest Gaming Superstore'.

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