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Because they are both full of cross words.

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Q: Why is a crossword puzzle like a quarrel?
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How do you say crossword puzzle in spanish?

crossword puzzle

6-7 puzzle crossword polygons in the coordinate plane?

Where is the crossword puzzle?

Why is a crossword puzzle like an argument?

One Word Leads to Another.

Which puzzle was introduced in 1832?

crossword puzzle

When was American Crossword Puzzle Tournament created?

American Crossword Puzzle Tournament was created in 1978.

Which person crossword puzzle?


Is this crossword puzzle to hard?


Where can one find more information about crossword puzzle dictionaries?

There are many great internet sources where information about crossword puzzle dictionaries can be found. Webster crossword puzzle dictionary is one of these great sources.

How do you do crossword puzzle?

You can type "how to crate a crossword puzzle" in the Google search box. After you hit enter there will be a lot of websites that can create crossword puzzles for you. I hope I helped you.

Who write the clues for a crossword puzzle?

There will be a person that works for the newspaper or magazine which the crossword will feature in, and they will be in charge of using a computer program that creates the clues for the crossword puzzle.

What is better a sudoku puzzle or a crossword puzzle?

a Sudoku puzzle is a test of logic while a crossword puzzle is a test of how like a thesaurus you are or a test of general knowledge. which one if better is a matter of opinion, but i suppose one might stimulate the brain than the other, if that is what you mean by better.

What is snake on a crossword?

asp is the most common crossword puzzle answer for "snake."