Why is Movie Star Planet so slow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It is slow because every time a new competition is there is slows it down or you could have a virus on you laptop/computer and you need to get it fixed ♥♥♥

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Q: Why is Movie Star Planet so slow?
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Does movie star planet give you viruses?

Movie Star Planet shouldn't give you viruses if you install it correctly. So enjoy playing Movie Star Planet; VIRUS FREE!

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Can someone tell you a VIP code for Movie Star Planet?

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How do you know if your hacked in Movie Star Planet?

when u are logged off plz dont tell anyone ur pass cos if they do they will steal your clothes send it 2 their accont!! and spend your coins and plus they will also send nasty messges 2 your friends i hope this really helped xx !! add me Famousegirl200

When did movie star planet start?

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No I don't think so Soz any1

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there are no cheat codes so it's fair for everyone

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