Why is Ice weak to Steel?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because steel is a harder material than ice.

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Q: Why is Ice weak to Steel?
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What Pokemon type is weak against steel?

Ice and Rock pokémon are weak against steel". Steel is weak against Fire, Fighting and Ground

What are ice Pokemon weak agianst in Pokemon crater?

All ice types are weak against Rock, Steel, Fire and Fighting.

What are the type advantages of Ice in Pokémon?

Ice is strong against Grass, Ground, Flying, and Dragon. Ice is weak against Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel. There are no types that Ice has no effect on. Fire, Fighting, Rock, and Steel are strong against Ice. Ice is weak against Ice. There are no types that have zero effect on Ice.

What type Is weak to steel type in Pokemon Pearl?

ice and rock

What are geodudes weak against?

Water, grass, ground, steel, ice, and fighting.

What Pokemon types are weak against what?

fire: effective against: steel, grass, bug, ice Weak against: Dragon, water, fire, rock Water: Effective against: rock, ground, fire Weak against: water, grass, ice, dragon Grass: Effective against: water, ground, rock Weak against: grass, fire Dark: Effective against: ghost, psychic Weak against: dark, fighting, rock, steel Fighting: Effective against: dark, steel, normal, ice, rock Weak against: bug, poison, flying, psychic Not-Affected: ghost Electric: Effective against: flying, water Weak against: dragon, grass, electric Not-Affected: rock, ground Ground: Effective against: poison, steel, electric, fire, rock Weak against: bug, grass Not-Affected: flying Flying: Effective against: grass, fighting, bug Weak against: electric, steel, rock Poison: Effective against: grass Weak against: ghost, rock, ground, poison Not-Affected: Steel Dragon: Effective against: dragon Weak against: steel Steel: Effective against: rock, ice Weak against: electric, water, fire, steel Ice: Effective against: grass, rock, flying, dragon, ground Weak against: water, steel, ice, fire Rock: Effective against: flying, fire, bug, ice Weak against: rock, ground, fighting, steel Ghost: Effective against: ghost psychic Weak against: dark, steel Not-Affected: normal Bug: Effective against: dark, psychic, grass Weak against: fighting, steel, fire, flying, ghost, poison Psychic: Effective against: fighting, poison Weak against: psychic, steel Not-Affected: dark

What Pokémon are weak to fire Pokémon?

grass, ice, bug, and steel. Grass and ice takes more damage.

What are ice Pokemon weak against in Pokemon crater?

Fire, Fighting, Steel and Rock.

What Pokemon types are weak are against fire types?

Grass, bug, ice, and steel

Pokemon pearl what are steel Pokemon weak against?

Steel Pokemon is often weak against fire, water and ice attacks. But some attacks is too weak to inflict much damage, like ember or watergun

Ice Pokemon weakness?

Ice type Pokemon are weak against Fighting types, Steel types, Fire types and Rock types.

What type is strong and weak to who?

Okay, so here are all of the types of Pokémon and what they are weak and strong against. Normal - WEAK TO: Fighting STRONG TO: None NO EFFECT: Ghost Fire - WEAK TO: Water, Ground & Rock STRONG TO: Grass, Ice, Bug & Steel Water - WEAK TO: Electric & Grass STRONG TO: Fire, Ground & Rock Electric - WEAK TO: Ground STRONG TO: Water & Flying NO EFFECT: Ground Grass - WEAK TO: Fire, Ice, Poison & Bug STRONG TO: Water, Ground & Rock Ice - WEAK TO: Fire, Fighting, Rock & Steel STRONG TO: Grass, Ground, Flying & Dragon Fighting - WEAK TO: Flying & Psychic STRONG TO: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark & Steel NO EFFECT: Ghost Poison - WEAK TO: Ground & Psychic STRONG TO: Grass NO EFFECT: Steel Ground - WEAK TO: Water, Grass & Ice STRONG TO: Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock & Steel NO EFFECT: Flying Flying - WEAK TO: Electric, Ice & Rock STRONG TO: Grass, Fighting & Bug Psychic - WEAK TO: Bug, Ghost & Dark STRONG TO: Fighting & Poison NO EFFECT: Dark Bug - WEAK TO: Fire, Flying & Rock STRONG TO: Grass, Psychic & Dark Rock - WEAK TO: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground & Steel STRONG TO: Fire, Ice, Flying & Bug Ghost - WEAK TO: Ghost & Dark STRONG TO: Psychic & Dark NO EFFECT: Normal Dragon - WEAK TO: Ice, Dragon & Fairy STRONG TO: Dragon Dark - WEAK TO: Fighting & Bug STRONG TO: Psychic & Ghost Steel - WEAK TO: Fire, Fighting & Ground STRONG TO: Ice & Rock Fairy (This is a newly added type in the new game, Pokémon X & Y!) - All we know is that Fairy type is strong against Dragon. Hope this Helps! ;)