Why doesn't sonic love Amy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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  • She's so crazy that there's no word that can describe her
  • She's Imature
  • She's Dark tempered
  • She has a bad taste of adventure
  • She has nothing in common with him besides her spicies
  • She's more embarresing than a full-caring mother
  • She always hurts him and his friends with a hammer for bad reasons
  • She doesnt love with FEALINGS (blows "I love you" all over the place and flies strait into marrying him)
  • She has no social life
  • She isnt girlfriend material
  • All of the above
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Q: Why doesn't sonic love Amy?
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You dot sonic lovs Amy?

yes all the evidents in sonic x and all the sonic game says he likes her but doesnt love her.

Is Amy the hedgehog really in love with Sonic the Hedgehog?

Yes, Amy is in love with Sonic.

Does Amy love sonic or scourge?


Does sonic loves Amy?

Amy doesnt love sonic, shes obsessed with him, if you were to play all the sonic games starting with sonic adventure DX directors cut, you should see that she is clearly in love/obsessed with him.

Who does Amy the hedgehog love?

Amy Loves Sonic the Hedgehog! Amy plans to marry Sonic. But Sonic only likes Amy as a friend.

Does Amy know sonic loves her?

Sonic doesn't even love Amy.

Who is Amy in love with sonic or shadow?

sonic...because of amy have 3 brother sonic is his girl friend

Sonic sonic like Amy but does Amy know that?

So far Sonic hasn't said "I love you" to Amy, but he does value her as a good friend and a love story is optional in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

Does Amy love Lee?

who the hec is lee? we'll anyways it's kinda oviouse that Amy doesn't love whoever lee is cause Amy LOVES LOVES sonic. Amy is kinda a freak, i mean she chases sonic talks bout sonic to her its sonic sonic sonic so no.

Does Amy have a crush on sonic?

Sonic does have a tiny crush on Amy, But not that much, the reason why is because she is too Young for him. Amy love's Sonic, but yet Sonic doesn't love her back, he only want's to be friends with her, yet Amy is always asking Sonic to date her. Sega Team.

Does Amy love anyone besides sonic?

No just sonic.

Does sonic tell Amy he loves her in the third season of sonic x?

Nope, Sonic doesn't love Amy at all!