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Because Microsoft can barely make anything work.

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Q: Why does your xbox 360 wireless mic not work?
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Do a xbox 360 mic work on a ps3?

No it wouldn't but I bet if there is a universal Mic it could work, but I doubt it...

What xbox 360 microphones work with guitar hero world tour?

You can use the Xbox 360 headset, the Guitar Hero mic, or or Rock Band mic.

Will the rock band ps2 wireless guitar work on the rock band 2 xbox 360?

no they wont cause the ps3 controller doesnt have the 360 button on it nothing will work except prolly the mic

Does Xbox 360 mic work on Xbox 360 slim?

It depends on the controller, yes you can because the format of the xbox 360 slim is the same as the original xbox 360 controller

Do Xbox 360 Mics work on Xbox one?

No it wouldn't but I bet if there is a universal Mic it could work, but I doubt it...

Do you have to charge your wireless head set to set it upon the xbox 360?

some mic you have to some you don't . mostly you don't

Can you use two Xbox headsets on Xbox live at once?

Can have 2 mic to work on the same xbox 360

Will headsets for work for xbox 360?

yes, some will. it has to be able to have a mic and speakers, and it has to have a smaller single plug.

Where can you get a free Xbox 360 mic?

The Xbox 360 headsets are quite cheap, just buy one.

Your xbox wireless mic will not sync to your controller what do you do?

buy a PS3

Can you play Xbox 360 music in a mic with no static?

Yes you can

Which Xbox is better Xbox 360 Xbox Pro or Xbox arcade?

I have an Xbox 360 Pro it can play classic Xbox game discs and it comes with a 60G hard drive and mic, the arcade doesnt do any of that.