How do you talk on PS3 online?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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either buy a wireless bluetooth mic, or wired mic. connect or plug in the mic and then should be ready to chat :)

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Q: How do you talk on PS3 online?
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How do you talk online a PS3?

just get a Bluetooth PS3 headset

Does it cost extra to talk online on ps3?


Can you talk online for call of duty 5 for the PS3?

Yes, Call of Duty 5 for the PS3 supports online chat, like most online games do.

What is Miley Cyrus online id for PS3?

MileyCyrus118 is her id im not joking i talk to her on webcam on ps3 lol

In svr 2010 does ps2 have the same graphics as xbox360 and ps3?

no they will not because sony and xbox has been upgraded id say you need to get ps3 cause a. ps3 has the best graphics xbox you have to pay for online you no i was talking bout that on my page ps3 mite be having to pay for online to idk why but anyways id say u need to get a ps3 online and come talk to me my screen name is lilkaruzis23 kayy and by the way ps3 can have web cams xbox cant HAHA EVERYBODY THAT HAS PS3 ONLINE BAN WITH ME(: ADD ME LILKARUZIS23!!!!! KEEP PS3 @ THE TOP!!!!

Is Naruto PS3 project online?

Naruto PS3 Project will be online.

Do you pay for broadband with PS3 online?

No, PS3 online is 100% free.

What do i do if my turtlebeach earforce tx21 headset won't let me talk online for Ps3?

go tell a person that sells games or someone at wallmart

How do you update Madden NFL 09 for PS3?

The PS3 automatically updates games when you are online. This is another reason to get an online connection for the PS3.

Is the PS3 or Xbox 360 better online?

A ps3

Does Xbox have free online?

No it doesn't that's why you should get the ps3 because ps3 DOES have free online!

What do you need for PS3 wired online?

i got my enternal cable connected to my ps3 to my laptop but still the ps3 dose not pick up the online