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because he find it

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Q: Why does your rival in firered get to have a alakazam but i have to trade mine for it to evolve?
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How do you catch Alakazam without trading on Pokemon firered?

NO,you will have to trade it to evolve it.

What level does kadabra evolve in firered version?

You have to trade Kadabra to get a Alakazam. There is no other way.

How do you get alakzam in Pokemon FireRed?

If you have a fast Pokemon with an attack that causes sleep, alakazam can't teleport, and you might be able to catch him.That is how you get Abra.To get alakazam you must evolve Abra to kadabra and trade kadabra with any game if you trade kadabra it will evolve into alakazam

Could Abra evolve into alakazam in diamond version?

Kadabra evolves to alakazam by trading it though it won't evolve if you migrate it to diamond from firered or leafgreen so what do you do? Get a kadabra in diamond trade it to a pearl version take it back and it will be a alakazam.

Will haunter evolve on its own on Pokemon firered?

No. you will have to trade it, if you want a Gengar. this is the same, with Graveler to Golem, or Kadabra to Alakazam.

Where do i get alakszam in sapphire?

Have a friend with ruby or sapphire or emerald or leafgreen or firered trade you a kadabra when it comes to you it will evolve to alakazam.

How Do You Get Alakazam In Pokemon FireRed 386?

To get an Alakazam in Pokemon FireRed you need to trade a Kadabra with another player. Though you will need to trade again to have the newly evolved Alakazam back.

Where to trade kadabra to evolve him into alakazam in Pokemon pearl?

You must trade it to another NDS and then trade it back to get Alakazam.

What level does Kadabra evolve into Alakazam in Gold?

You have to trade it with someone for Kadabra to evolve, then you can trade back so you have Alakazam like in red/blue.

How do you evolve an alakazam?

i think what you meant to say is how do you evolve a kadabra into an alakazam. anyways you gotta trade the kadabra to get it to evolve. hope i helped.

How do you get an alakazam without trading?

there is no way to get alakazam with out trading, but if you have two game that are compatible such as firered and emerald hook up with yourself with the cord and trade it to emerald/firered and trade it back

Where can you find level 50 alakazam?

you need to trade a Kadabra then it will evolve into a Alakazam.