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well i have a awnser to help get a good emulator with no lag and Pokemon pearl (getting a good emulator) get a good emulator at ideas and serch it up and to get no lag while playing a game go to options and go to incress CPU speed and go to 150x save it go bak in and no lag. (getting Pokemon pearl) go to serch up Pokemon pearl and press download then save and w8 for about 1-3 mins and go to the game

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Q: Why does your emulator say rom-image has crashed whenever you try to load a saved file on Pokemon heart gold on nogba?
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In Pokemon ranger 2 what Pokemon is number 175 and where to find it?

Lickilicky - you can find him in Kincaid's room on the crashed boat

My nogba isn't working. what should i do?

i just upgraded to win7 from win xp.. before this my Pokemon soul silver and my patched bakugan game used to work fine. after i upgraded, the no$gba says ROM image crashed. only my patched yu gi oh game is working. whats wrong with my emulator?

Pokemon diamond i turned on your ds on but your action replay would not work?

Crashed (maybe)

Why can't you play Pokemon crater v8?

What iv'e heard is that the system for Pokemon crater has shut down or maybe the server crashed.

What is the Pokemon in the browser registered as 175 in Pokemon ranger shadow of almia?

175 Is LickLicky its ability is cruch 3 and you can find one on the cargoship that is crashed on shore to the southeast part of the ranger school.

Whenever im playing mysims PC im almost at star level 5 and whenever i finish a task gonna make star level 5 on the loading screen it freezes and i have tried it with all of my tasks how do i do it?

maybe ur PC is broken or old or ur hard drive has crashed!

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Action replay code Pokemon dimand?

NO NO NO! Do not use action replay cards!!!! They ruin your DS!!!! TRUST ME!!!! (and my friend whose DS totally crashed!!!)

Where is the crashed submarine in Pokemon ranger guardian signs?

Do you know where Tilt Village is? And do you know the girl who stands next to that cage, right? The submarine is through there.

Sentence of crashed?

Here is a sentence with the word crashed: The NASCAR drivers crashed during a practice run.

What does it mean when a game is crashed?

it means the server crashed

How do you fix your Pokemon heart gold When you load your save it just says the rom-image has crashed?

Link for the problem --->