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You will need to catch a ditto and breed them and train them again. hope i helped :)

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Q: After giving my Aalakazam unlucky incense on Pokemon platinum my game crashed when i turned it back on all my Pokemon were seemingly lvl 100 but there stats had not changed please help?
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Where in hearthome is the hiker that gives you happiny in Pokemon platinum?

They altered and changed a bit here and there in Platinum, and the hiker no longer gives you Happiny in Hearthome City.

How do you do yo finish the Sinnoh pokedex on Pokemon platinum?

They have changed it in the newer games so that all you have to do is SEE all the Pokemon instead of CATCHING all of the Pokemon

Can you use action replay codes for platinum on light platinum it's a hacked ROM of Pokemon Ruby but it has platinum Pokemon so...?

Nope, ur gonna have to use "Pokemon ruby" action replay codes. Light platinum,as u said, is just Pokemon Ruby but with the Pokemon images and names changed. So if u used wild Pokemon modifier, and typed the code for a torchic, a chimchar will come out, just like any other hacked ROM.

Where do you find the TM ice punch in Pokemon platinum?

Ice Punch cannot be found as a TM in Pokemon Platinum. Ice Punch was TM 33 in Pokemon Gold and Silver but TM 33 was changed to Reflect since then meaning Ice Punch is no longer a TM move.

How do you get mr backlot to say something else he already said eeveee already in Pokemon platinum?

You check back every real-world day, the pokemon that appears in the garden will have changed.

Are the mechanics behind iv's and ev's changed in any way in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

No, the mechanics behind IVs and EVs have not changed in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, they have remained the same as they were in Pokémon Platinum.

Is there a dif between Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Platinum?

Well, the layout of it isn't all that different. The only differences that I know of is that Shaymin has a new version and you can enter the reverse world. But that's it. DO NOT DOUBT THAT THE AWESOMENESS HAS CHANGED ITS AWESOMEY AWESOME WAYS!!!!

A pokesav genarated mewthree action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

That is not true, when you change a Pokemon sprite in a hack it'll replace the current Pokemon they changed. Let's say, Loudred is replaced by Mewthree. If you traded it over to a game that is NOT hacked. Then it'll be a Loudred with moves, ability, and stats that is probably not learn able.

What are the DSi enhancements on Pokemon Black and White and also what are DSi enhancements in general?

In "Pokemon Black and White" The general topic is the same as Diamond Pearl and Platinum, you go on a journey but what makes it different is that The Pokemon are completely different. To be Honest Pokemon Had me but it lost me when I heard about this game, I was shocked that Nintendo had changed the whole Pokemon Roster! I heard that its supposed to be better then the past roster, but still...

Why should you get Pokemon platinum instead of pearl or diamond?

Becauce in platinum you can get palkia (which you can only get in pearl) and dialga (which you can only get in diamond) and giritina. And you can also go underground and play capture the flag and make secret bases. those are not half of the reasons platinum is just better

Pokemon platinum how to get rhyhorn?

Rhyhorns and rhydons can be found at victory road

What are platinum salt?

Examples: hexachloroplatinate - (NH3)2PtCl6. NH3 can be changed with Na, K.