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you have to blow in your ds slot cuz maybe yous slot is full with dust

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Q: Why does your ds says your ar is not in the ds slot when the ar is in the slot?
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How do you put AR on a Nintendo DS?

all you have to do is take the game and put it in the action replay slot and put the action replay in your ds

What is an ar on the ds?

an AR is a cheating device put into the ds card slot and the ds game plugged into the top of it. It is commonly used to get extra lives, pokedex entries in pokemon, and secret extras among other things.

What is Slot 1 and Slot 2 on a Nintendo DS Lite?

Slot 1 is the slot at the top of the DS, for DS games. Slot 2 is the slot at the bottom of the DS, for GBA cartridges.

Were on your ds do you enter the action replay?

This is actually very easy. The Nintendo DS will actually treat the Action Replay as a game itself, so just click it into the game slot like you would with any other DS game. Also, just for extra measures, you can put your games into the AR's slot to play them while the AR is inside the DS. If you don't like it jutting out and getting in the way though, you can insert the AR first, turn the DS on, and when the AR main menu has been loaded you can take it out and insert the game. It will still work the same! (However, if the game becomes reset, you will have to turn the DS off, reinsert the AR, and go back through that process.)

How do you do AR codes for DS?

insert the ar in the ds take the ar out (do not turn of the game) put the desired game you wish to hack in the ds there is an option that says add new code select that and name it then add the code after that it will appear in the code list

The Ar ds code for alamos darkrai in party first slot on Pokemon diamond?

too lazy to go to the actual event?

What is a Nintendo DS slot-2?

Slot 1 on a DS is the slot that you put DS game cards into. Slot 2 is the slot for Game boy advance game paks.

You inserted your AR into the DS but it says Touch Screen to Continue?

I think you continue by clicking on the ds with your stylus (unless you chose auto mode)

What is the difference betwen a ds and a dsi?

A Nintendo ds and ds lite have a ds game slot and a gamepak slot(gameboy advanced games). A dsi has a ds game slot, 2 cameras(one on inside one on outside) and a SD card slot.

How do you plug in GBA games with DS?

In a DS you should be able to play GBA games in the slot that is underneath the DS. There is a cartridge slot for DS games and a cartridge slot for GBA games. This is the same with DS lite as well.

What is the Nintendo DS catridge slot?

There is a slot on the side of the DS where you can put a SD/MEMORY card.

How do you put Game cards in ds?

There's a slot on the top of the DS, this is slot-1, and it's where DS game cartridges go.