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he was ill facepalm

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Q: Why does weaver be sick on black ops?
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Who are the interrogators from cod black ops?

Weaver and Hudson

Does weaver die in Call Of Duty Black Ops?


Who is the interrogator in black ops?

The interrogators are Grigori Weaver and Jason Hudson.

Who is getting info from you in black ops when you are sitting in the chair?

mostly Hudson, but Weaver is with him to.

Is weaver in call of duty black ops a good guy?

i found him jacking off in a closet!!

Who are the people in the interrogation room with Mason in call of duty black ops?

Jason Hudson, and Gregori Weaver

Who are the guys with you in the mission when you are in Hong K ong in Call Of Duty Black Ops?

In the Kowloon mission of Black Ops, you play as CIA Agent Hudson, with 2 NPC's helping you, of which are Weaver, and Clarke.

Who is the interrogator in Call of Duty Black Ops?

the interogators were weaver and hudson... well it could have been... but im not too sure.

Who is the interagator on Call of Duty Black Ops?

Weaver - The guy who's eye gets ripped out in the rocket mission on campaign

Would it be sick for black ops to make kino der toten a multiplayer map?


When was Black-necked Weaver created?

Black-necked Weaver was created in 1805.

When was Black-chinned Weaver created?

Black-chinned Weaver was created in 1904.