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Make sure you have the national dex and you have spoken to celio after obtaining it, then try talking to the rockets again.

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Q: Why does the to rocket grunt wont tell the pass words in Pokemon LeafGreen at mt ember?
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Were do you find team rockets password on Pokemon LeafGreen?

One password is given out by a rocket grunt at mt ember the other is given out by the scientist who steals the sapphire in dotted hole.

How do you get the two passwords for Pokemon LeafGreen?

One password is given by a rocket grunt in mt ember after getting the national pokedex upgrade, The second password is given by a scientist at dotted hole after getting the sapphire.

How do you get in the rocket hideout on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You simply talk to the Rocket Grunt next to the poster at the back of the Celadon Game Corner and he will fight you. If you win, he will leave. Talk to the poster, and some stairs appear. Go down them.

What floor is the grunt on in Pokemon LeafGreen in saffron city?

Floor 11.

How do you get rid of the Rocket Grunt in front of the Radio Station in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

After they broadcast there comeback on the radio tower, the rocket grunt will be gone.

What can you do after beating the Pokemon league in Pokemon leaf green?

u can obtian 60 pkmn then go to mt ember and beat rocket grunt get ruby part then get rainbow pass from celio. then get sapphire part and cath mewtwo in unknown dungeon.

Where exactly the rocket grunt hide the item of the power plant in Pokemon gold?

the rocket grunt hide the item of the power plant in the gym of celadon

Where is the team rocket grunt in Pokemon Red?

i dont know man

Where is the rocket grunt on Pokemon Crystal?

in mohogany town where the seventh gym is at

Where do you get the key for the elevater in Rocket Game Corner in Pokemon Blue?

A rocket grunt drops the key on B3.

What grunt gives the you the lift key in Pokemon firered?

On B3 of the rocket game corner there is a grunt in the top left corner beat him to get it.

How do you keep Celadon from going down the stairs in Pokemon?

I assume you are talking about the Team Rocket grunt in the Celadon Game Corner in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen. There is no way to stop him from going down the stairs.