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Your computer probably needs to restart or just try refreshing the page, it works for me :) (Also, maybe try logging off, closing window, then log back on.)

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Q: Why does my computer freeze when i try to go to a place on roblox?
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How do you fix it when my rogers mobile internet is not working with roblox on other Place other then mine?

Try using roblox on your browser, start, all program, roblox folder, roblox, or roblox studios

It been a long time and you cant play games still on Roblox?

Your computer is obviously too old to play Roblox. Roblox updates often and occasionally old computers will fall out of the range of PCs that support Roblox. Try updating your computer's drivers and perhaps the problem will fix itself.

Is roblox on xbox 360?

ROBLOX is a Online Game for PC. It does not work on Xbox 360. But you can try to plug a Xbox 360 controller on you're PC then install alot of programs to make it control ROBLOX. But roblox will still appear on you're Computer Screen, not on TV. And it will run on the Computer too (Meaning that if you're computer lags, roblox will still lag). But some of the ROBLOX administrators made a video showing ROBLOX running on IPad, so it will be another possibility.

Why Does My Windows 7 Freeze on updates?

Try To Set Your Computer To Factory Settings

Why wont the play button work on ROBLOX?

Maybe your computer or Roblox hanged..If not, you can try refreshing it or trying another game. If this still not work, ask Builderman about it.


Cut into florets then freeze on a try. After freezing place in a frezzer bag, back in freezer.

What if after your done downloading a game and you press play and it goes right back to the home page what do you do equals Roblox?

Try to launch a game using the Roblox Browser. Click your start menu, then Programs, Roblox, and Roblox Browser. If you cannot launch Roblox from this browser you're computer may not be supported by Roblox.

How do you download roblox on umbuntu?

Roblox does not support Ubuntu, or any other Linux operating systems. You can download the Roblox installer, but it won't work if you try to run it. If you really want to play Roblox, you may want to install a copy of Windows on your computer.

You deleted Roblox and when you went to download it again it said error cannot find specified file How do you fix this?

I don't know, but try not to. Roblox apparently has a virus that destroys your computer's hard drive, making the computer inaccessible.

Every time I try to place down a free model house on Roblox it's in the air. How can I fix this?

Try going into Edit mode (Run Roblox Stuido) the object is likely to be unable to place on the ground because of objects blocking it such as yourself.

Why do you have to install roblox?

Your computer might not be right for roblox so the computer is blocking it, so your computer doesn't get slow. Try turning off your pop up blocker and making an exception in your firewall

Roblox wont let me play anything for example kohls admin house it goes to 46 bricks and 0 connectors?

It may be something wrong with your computer. Try uninstalling ROBLOX and reinstalling it.