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because he is a fvcker...

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Q: Why does lueroi have five Pokemon in his heart gold team?
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How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

What is the difference between Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Gold?

Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events

How do you get shedinja in Pokemon heart gold?

To get a Shedinja in Pokemon Heart Gold you must trade it from either Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald. Jacko25

How do you get arceus on Pokemon Heart Gold?

you cannot get him in heart gold only from events.

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Ranger to heart gold?


What is the Pokemon set after platinum arceus?

pokemon heart gold and soul silver. and heart gold and soul silver legends

Can you trade your red Gyaradoss from Pokemon heart gold to Pokemon platinum and trade your Kyogre from heart gold to platinum?

Of course

When will Heart gold be realesed?

Pokemon Heart gold will be released in spring 2010 in the UK.

Can you send you Pokemon tower defense Pokemon to Pokemon heart gold?


What Pokemon does Gary use in heart gold?

Gary isn't in heart gold and your rival chooses whatever Pokemon is opposite to yours.

How do you get the red orb in Pokemon heart gold?

you don't get the red orb in Pokemon heart gold you get the blue orb that you use to get kyogre

How do you beat red in Pokemon Heart Gold easily?

With Pokemon.