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Both by shooting them with a revolver, doused in gasoline, and burned to death.

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Q: Why does general Shepherd kill roach and ghost?
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Why did General Shepherd kill Roach and Ghost?

because when roach and ghost got the dsm from makarov's computer, shepherd just wanted the dsm he dint care about ghost and roach that why he killed em , he was just focused on makarov

Who is the bad guy in modern warfare 2?

Surprisingly, General Shepherd. When you get the ACS module and get to the LZ, he kills Roach and Ghost. Then he tells the men in Afghanistan to kill Soap and Price.

Why did General Shepherd kill Roach?

He wanted to be a war hero, and he wanted to cover up his not so gallant actions.

Why does general Shepard kill roach and ghost on modern warfare 2?

Because he was actually the leader of the terrorists from the other game because a the end he says he lost thirty thousand men from the army. and he betrays them.

How do you kill a giant roach?

You can kill a giant roach with a shovel.

Why did Shepherd kill ghost and roach in call of duty?

Shepard wants to cover his tracks. He wants this war to go on for his own legacy and to become a hero.

Is ghost from modern warfare 2 dead?

I don't think so he might be knocked out when you kill shepherd when he stabs you in the heart.…

Would cricket eat roach?

would a cricket kill a small roach

Why does shepherd betray you in MW2?

Before you started the mission where he betrays you (Loose Ends),he said something about a blank check.So i think that he felt that he wasn't payed enough for training the task force.And he thought that Ghost and Roach were the most popular and were payed the most.So he wanted to eliminate them.But Cpt.Price didn't trust Shepherd and so he knew this was going to happen.He told Cpt.(Soap) MaCtavish and that is why at the end you kill him.Makorov hated Sheperd and gave away Sheperds location.

Which stage is the hardest to kill a cock roach?


Can ghost's kill?

Actually a ghost CAN kill you. if the ghost has enough strenght they can fisically attack you

If there is a roach in the bathroom do you kill it or call your mom?

mom if inexperienced