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It's because they threw that into the programming as a little Easter Egg to reflect how Pastoria City is obsessed with Croagunks.

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Q: Why does a Croagunk walk by you when you are in the Croagunk picture in Pastoria City in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get a croagunk?

Go in the Safari Zone in Pastoria City and play for $500 and if your lucky, maybe a croagunk will appear if it doesn't flee, or stand behind the croagunk head picture. follow the croagunk will appear and run into the safari zone gate. Follow it and try to catch itAND GO TO WWW.ROBLOX.CA BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME!!

Is there a picture of Rotom in a book on Pokemon platinum?


How do you get manapy in Pokemon platinum?

go to Pokemon mansion to mister blacklot's office read the book there will be a picture of manaphy good luck

Where can you see manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

There is a book in the Pokemon mansion that shows a picture of it. Mr. Backlot, the mansion's owner, will be in the room as well.

What is with the weird guy who goes into great marsh when you put your face in the crogunk picture?


Where is chmander on Pokemon Platinum?

you can't find him in the wild in platinum but many people are willing to trade you one on the gts. however you have to have his picture in your pokedex to request him.

How do you start a new game on Pokemon platinum?

when the picture of the mysterious legendary Pokemon appears press UP+SELECT+B buttons at the same time.

Were can you see manephy in Pokemon platinum?

mr backlots mansion on route 212. there is a book with its picture in it and that counts as seeing it.

How do you get Pokemon light platinum to work?

Pokemon LIGHT Platinum? I've never heard of it and I think you mean Pokemon Platinum. But with any game, simply put it in the system and turn it on. With a Nintendo DS Lite, the DS games go at the top with the picture facing the back, and Gameboy games go at the bottom with the picture facing the back, too. But the DSi and DSi XL don't have the part to put in Gameboy games.

What Pokemon comes after palika in platinum pokedex?

In the Platinum pokedex, number 151-or the Pokemon after Palkia-is none other than Manaphy. Manaphy can be obtained after you beat the manaphy egg mission in Pokemon rangers. You then can transfer it to platinum via mystery gift. what you do you go to the Pokemon mation and go to the oner and behind him theres a book talk to the book and it will show you a picture of manaphy

How do you change the clock of Pokemon platinum?

when you go in to your ds find the picture of a ds click it then go to the clock not the alarm and change it

Where in the safari zone do you get croagunk?

i don't know exactly!! but u know when u walk in the building take a right n go up stairs n look there those telescopes n it will show u different Pokemon its even better when u hav a national pokedeck