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Because he's a hedgehog, and hedgehogs in real life do that to protect themselves. Sonic, on the other hand, does it to charge up his spin dash.

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Q: Why does Sonic the Hedgehog curl up in a ball?
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What are 3 adaptations of a hedgehog?

their claws, spines, and their strong muscles in their back to curl up in to a ball.

How does sonic turn into a ball?

Ummm.....However a hedgehog does.....I think he just curls up.

How hedgehog protect itself from other animals?

They curl up in a ball so all their quills are out and make loud hissing noises

Did sonic ever put up his middle finger?

Yes. Sonic did put up his middle finger in Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. You can watch it on youtube and type in Sonic the Hedgehog the movie part 2.

What year did Amy Rose the hedgehog show up in the Sonic the hedgehog series?

I think Amy Rose showed up in Sonic CD, in 1993.

What is Sonic the Hedgehog next gen?

Sonic the hedgehog is a video game to Xbox360 and Playstation3. the game is also called Sonic Next-Gen or Sonic 06 to not be mixed up with the first Sonic game.

How did people come up with Sonic the Hedgehog?

well sonic was going to be a jack rabbit because their supposed to be fast but they made him a hedgehog

Should there be a sonic the hedgehog 5?

there will not be a sonic 5 i looked up sonic 2 and if there is no sonic 2 there will not be a sonic five there you have your answer

Which is better Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 or Sonic Unleashed?

People refer to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 to be the worst Sonic video game ever, whereas they do not say that about Sonic Unleashed. It is only up to you to judge though.

Maria the hedgehog?

Maria is simply a made up hedgehog and if you have ever herd of sonic the hedgehog maria is one of our hedgehog heros.

Who came up with the idea to make a zero ring trail in the Sonic the Hedgehog The video game?

I am not sure wich Sonic the Hedgehog you are talking about.

Will their be a Sonic the Hedgehog movie?

There already has been. Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie. It was a cartoon and it was made somewhere after the events in Sonic and Knuckles. Search it up on google or somewhere. It was really good.