How does sonic turn into a ball?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ummm.....However a hedgehog does.....I think he just curls up.

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Q: How does sonic turn into a ball?
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How does Sonic turn into Super Sonic in SSBB?

with the smash ball

How do you turn hyper sonic in Super Smash Flash 2?

you turn super sonic first,then,get the smash ball and press your speicial buton.

How can Sonic turn into hyper Sonic inj ssbb?

Use Sonic's Final Smash after getting a Smash Ball. And it's Super Sonic, not Hyper Sonic.

How do you get super sonic in ssbb?

Unleash a final smash as Sonic when you have a smash ball to turn into super sonic. It only lasts for a while though.

How do you turn hyper sonic in super smash bros flash 2?

To turn Hyper Sonic in Super Smash Bros Flash 2 You Have To go to Super smash bro flash 2 1.0 Verson Then pick Sonic Then Click Untill Sonic's Colors Green Next Get The Smash Ball Then Turn HYPER SONIC!!

How do you turn super sonic in super smash flash2 demo?

you get the smash ball and then you press your special button

What color is Sonic when he turn super Sonic?

When Sonic turn to Super Sonic he turns Gold not Yellow.

Why cant sonic turn into super sonic in Sonic Boom?

sonic cant turn into super sonic because they are two different charaters

Will super sonic be in ssf2?

if your sonic and you get the smash ball

Why did Sonic turn evil in Sonic epilouge?

It was dark sonic.

In ssbb when you make a texture of sonic looking like shadow when you turn into a ball can you make it yellow?

Yes, but only with action replay.

Is hyper sonic in brawl?

no he ain't but you can be super sonic if you get a smash ball with sonic in brawl