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If you're having problems connecting, make sure you've got the correct Router ports opened or triggered, both for the PS3 & PSN, and the specific MW2 ports as well.


*Note: Make sure to enable these TCP/UDP ports in BOTH directions (i.e, for Routers that have TCP, UDP, and Both for settings, set them to Both. If your Router doesn't have that type of setting, set the Port to either TCP or UDP as indicated, and enable the pass-through in both directions (full duplex))

TCP Ports: 10070 - 10080 UDP Ports: 10070 Voice Chat: UDP 6000-7000, 10070 (for headset operation) Remote Play via Access Point: TCP 9293

PLAYSTATION Network: TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223 UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658

Call of Duty - MW2 Ports:

TCP 27014-27050 UDP 1500, 3005, 3101, 27000-27030, 28960

It's easier to use Port Range Forwarding or Triggering instead of Single Port Forwarding. In those cases where there isn't a range but only a single port listed, your range is the same port, e.g., Range 5223-5223 for Port 5223. Port Triggering is also preferable to Port Forwarding, since Triggering relies on the game or application in question to trigger the Port request when necessary to the Router. Static Port Forwarding setups keep your Ports open as long as they are enabled in the Router setting, and as such are more vulnerable. Trigger Ports are only open as long as the game or application needs them to be open.

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Q: Why does Modern Warfare 2 stick when connecting to IWnet?
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