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Classic damsel in distress scenario, the girl always gets captured over the guy.

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Q: Why does May from Pokemon always gets kidnapped?
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In what episode of Pokemon does Ash May Brock or Max get kidnapped?

In Pokemon Episode 308 May ans Max get kidnapped and tied up in a web. In Pokemon Episode 390 May gets tied up in rope and Ash gets kidnapped.

Does May from Pokemon ever get kidnapped?


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Pokemon what episode did may get kidnapped?

Episode 389, "Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut!" It's one of my personal favs. Know it by heart!

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How does may get bulbusaur on Pokemon?

may gets her bulbusaur when she gets stranded alone on some forbidden land somewhere and makes friends with it. Episode Name-Grass Hysteria

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No you will always receive the same Pokemon however you may get a shiny Pokemon from the egg if your lucky.

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