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She got it while she was getting attacked and bitten by the zombie. Personally i think it looks good on ellie :)

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Q: Why does Ellie in 'The Last Of Us' have a scar on her eyebrow?
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Is Ellie's knife a butterfly knife in The Last Of Us?

No, Ellie's knife is not a butterfly knife. It is a switchblade.

Is there a speech from Ellie about wasting ammo in The Last Of Us?

Yes, there is. If you fire any of your weapons into the air, Ellie will remark that you are wasting ammunition.

Did the developers of The Last Of Us change the appearance of Ellie before release?

Yes, the developers of The Last Of Us changed Ellie's appearance. Before the release of the game, people realised how much Ellie looked like the real life actor Ellen Page in the trailers. So to resolve this, Naughty Dog slightly changed Ellie's appearance before the official release.

Does Ellie from the last of us have a last name?

I read somewhere it's Williams, but idk for sure

When does Joel start calling Ellie baby girl in The Last Of Us?

In the end of the winter level.

Is Ellie's blade in The Last Of Us infinite?

Yes, Ellie's blade is infinite. You can use it as a weapon and a shiv without it ever breaking. Unlike the hand-made shivs Joel crafts. This is why Ellie can't make her own shivs.

How old is Ellie in the last of us?

Ellie, the character in The Last Of Us, is fourteen years old. She will tell Joel her age in one of the cutscenes.

Are there any visual extras on the main menu after finishing The Last Of Us?

Yes, there is. Upon completing the game, you will see Ellie's switchblade in the windowsill on the main menu.

What are the best baby names of the us?

Elle is pronounced ellie

How did the developer of The Last Of Us show support to feminism?

The developers of the incredibly popular game are called Naughty Dog.Naughty Dog were warned that they should put the image of Ellie, a 14 year old female character in the game, hidden and shaded in the background of the image on front of the game case. Naughty Dog were warned that unless they made Ellie more obscure on the cover, then the games wouldn't sell very well.Naughty Dog refused the demand and placed Ellie on the front of the cover in clear, dominating view.The Last Of Us is the most popular game of 2014.

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