Is the last of us on xbox?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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'The Last of Us' is a ps3 exclusive game.

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Q: Is the last of us on xbox?
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Is the last of us for Xbox 360?

No it is only on Playstation 3 and not on XBOX 360. last of us is a game.

What exclusive games does PS3 have that Xbox doesn't have?

The Last of Us

Are there any Xboxes in The Last Of Us?

No, there are no Xbox Easter eggs in The Last Of Us. However there are three Playstation 3's. The developers who made the game are Playstation fans.

Will The Last of Us be on Xbox?

It's highly unlikely. The game is only available for PlayStation 3 and 3.

Will The Last of Us be released for the Xbox 360?

No, it won't. Naughty Dog (the developer of the game) is owned by Sony.

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Will a US Xbox gamer profile work on a Canadian Xbox?

set your location in us and buy your live from us.

Can you get the last of us on xbox360?

No, you can't buy the game, The Last of Us, for the Xbox 360. The game is only available on the PS3 platform. You can follow Sony's social media updates for the most up to date information regarding products they offer.

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