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It is just a collectors item ZERO effect.

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Q: Why do you need the slowpoke tail in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Why do you need the slowpoke tail in Pokemon soul silver?

You don't it just heals all of your pokemon

In Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver the Slowpoke Tail may be considered a key item and how can you get it and what purpose does it serve?

it costs 1 million dollars and its not usefull

Where you found slowpoke tail in Pokemon Crystal?

U can get it frm mahogany town mart for 9800 coins

How do you get slowpoke tail soul silver?

Mahogany Town

Where to get a slowpoke tail Pokemon soul silver?

You can't and you don't need one to get through the game but you can get one by using a cheat that gives you more than $999,999 but if you buy one, the only thing you can do with it is sell it for $628,000, which is a waste of money

What is the second password to get into the Team Rocket warehouse?

slowpoke tail

Pokemon heart of gold slowpoke tail sceame?

you have to speak to this lady and then where that little hole is you go round the path and into the cave and then you fight loads of team rocket people.

What level is slowpoke bitten by shellder in Pokemon heart gold version?

It doesn't evolve by getting its tail bitten it evolves at level 37 by training it a shelder won't bite the tail the evolution happens out of training methods.

How do you get the move iron tail in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can get that TM in firered or leafgreen you can buy it at the game corner exchange migrate a Pokemon that is holding the TM to soul silver capture it to receive the Pokemon take the TM from it to get it.

Where get slowpoke tail in Pokemon Crystal?

When you are in violet city go then south and then there is a man, talk to him he says it cost 1,000,000 coins, but you can't carry that amount. The max amount of coins you can carry is 999,999.

What is the Lock Capsule and also the slowpoke tail for in soul silver?

You can't get those in any games.

Can slowpoke be holding a kings rock in the wild on Pokemon pearl?

Slowpoke cannot be holding a King's Rock in the wild on Pokemon Pearl and instead maybe holing the Lagging Tail item. However wild Poliwhirls now have a chance of holding it King's Rock. Wild Poliwhirls can be found in Route 225 with the Super Rod or on Routes 227 and 228 by surfing. Alternatively if you have a Pokemon with the Pick Up ability and at levels between 11 and 30 it has a 1% chance of picking up a King's Rock.