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There are many reasons on why players hate guests. For example, guests spawn kill and team kill players which makes players very upset. Also, people might hate guests because they think that guests are lazy since they do not bother to create accounts. Of course, these are only some of the people's opinions. Like I said, there is a whole lot of reasons why players hate guests.

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i was like six when Roblox removed the guest but, i liked them

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Q: Why do people hate guests on roblox?
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On roblox can people not in builders club sell t shirts?

Anyone in ROBLOX can make shirts, pants, and t-shirts (not guests) but only BC members can sell them.

Can you have girlfriends on Roblox?

Having girlfriends in Roblox, also known as online dating, is against the rules of Roblox and you might be reported and banned subsequently. Many Roblox players also hate people who online date.

What is Robux on Roblox?

money for buying stuff on roblox

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Why does roblox hate Minecraft?

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Why were guests deleted from roblox?

Guest can't be punished and were ruining the community.

Do you hate roblox?

No but its not the best game.

witch is better rocket league or ROBLOX ( i HATE ROBLOX)?

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How popular is roblox?

most people don't hate it because it is boring! It is awesome!they do because u have to have Builders Club to access most things. Lots of people think ROBLOX was copied off Minecraft. Roblox was made about tow years BEFORE Minecraft and people THINK it was copied off Minecraft because it isn't very popular and some people just hate it because their friends convinced them why they hate it and they start hating it and spread it on to THEIR friends. It's like racism being passed down from generation to generation with a family.

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Because everybody is a big fat meanie who hates 'Noobs" and Guests.

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sorry buddy but you cant

Where do you invite people to Roblox?

Go to "My Roblox", and click the "Share Roblox" button. There you can send emails from your Roblox account to their email account. _________________________________________________________________ If you invite 3 or more people you get a badge for it.