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there bored. and have nothing else to do.

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Q: Why do penguins on club penguin pretend to be a baby or a parent?
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How do you get a baby penguin at the pet shop on clubpenguin?

You cannot buy a baby penguin, you can only buy clothing, furniture, and puffles. Although, some penguins pretend to be baby penguins and pretend to sell themselves but this is not for real, its only pretend.

How do you have a baby penguin on Club Penguin?

You go to the pet shop. Penguins always dress up and pretend to be babies if that's what you mean. You can "adopt" a baby there.

When are baby penguins born?

in a penguin

What is a baby penguin called?

Baby penguins are called chicks or nestlings, but chick is the common and widely used term. They organize themselves in small groups called creches.

How do penguins produce baby penguins?

The female penguin lays eggs. Then the baby penguins hatch from the eggs.

What is a babies penguins?

A baby penguin is called a "chick." A group of baby penguins is called a "Creche."

What are father penguins doing in August to help baby penguins?

The father penguin is keeping the baby warm.

How long is the baby emperor penguin?

baby penguins 30cm-50cm

What's a baby penguin called?

Baby penguins are called chicks.A group of baby penguins is called a "Crèche".CHICKS

What are the social activities does a penguin do?

make baby penguins

Can you be a baby in Club Penguin?

No, but you can pretend to be one in the Pet Shop.

When will the baby penguin survive on its own?

they leave their baby penguins when they hatch