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Because adults are wastes of space

its because parents think that children get addicte to vido games and they never do there homework no more and they dont do any exerise but i think its because they rott your brain and u forget everthing that you learned at school

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Q: Why do parents not like children to play video games?
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Should Video games not be banned?

because many child and children like it. but some parents and adults like it. i know every children waste their time i games but thats their freedom so let them play gamea and please don't bann games

Can you have children on PS2?

You can on games like the The Sims series of video games

What kind of games do children play?

Video games, mostly shooting video games, and somtimes sports games, and other games like racing, RPG, ect.

What games are for children?

There are many games for children in which paddle ball, hopscotch, hide and seek, video games, sport games like: cricket, football etc which are mostly played in every country.

What Toys and games interest children?

Most kids like video games... Other than that, legos is a big hit.

Do violent video games affect kids?

Violent video games provide a window for children to vent. If children didn't have video games like Grand Theft Auto, they wouldn't know the consequences of stealing a car, or beating up a hooker. If I have played it in a video game, I probably wouldn't want to do it In real life.

Why shouldn't children under 17 play AO video games?

its like a hardcore porno

Do parents like there kids playing video games?

depends on the age if the game was a 12 and you kid was 6 or 7 then no

Why are children not exactly like their parents?

because parents dont understand children and what they like

When children used video games more times which part of the brain not responding?

Actually, Video games improve your mind, all 4 parts of the brain are getting "exercise" while playing video games. But still playing too long on video games is bad for your health,(but you will have cat like reflexes :)!)

How do you act like a tomboy if your parents don't let you wear boy clothes?

Play sports, video games, etc.

What is the best thing to do when entertaining children under the age of 10?

You probably dont like it but it's video games