Why do Pokemon turn into bad egg?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They don't usually turn into one... It's usually because A GameShark/Action Replay/CodeBreaker code is conflicting or incorrect, usually when getting a hackemon. (Hacked Pokemon) Can also be received when using "Catch Trainer Pokemon" AR code, but it is rare. Occasionally it will say "You caught Bad Egg" but in the box or party it will usually be the one you tried to catch... (Also can be encountered in wild using "Encounter Calculator" AR code and typing in 495, it caused the game to crash when I did it though)

[The Gray Wolf]

Pokemon do turn into bad eggs actually this happens when a Pokemon is kept in the PC with the bad eggs, the next time the Pokemon is picked up it's Sprite looks like a bad egg and you when veiw it's summary and it transforms into a bad egg this is what some bad eggs do these bad eggs are called Mutator eggs these are the secound most dangerous type of bad eggs being behind corrupter eggs there are 10 types of bad eggs that Nintendo made mutator eggs just do that's all part of the torture Nintendo do to cheaters.

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Q: Why do Pokemon turn into bad egg?
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Is there a code to turn a bad egg to a good egg on Pokemon?

I don't beilive there is...unless I'm mistaking.

Can bad eggs in Pokemon actually be good?

A bad egg is a bad egg.

How do you get a bad egg in Pokemon Platinum?

By using a AR and catching someones Pokemon it will be called bad egg

Will a bad egg still hatch in Pokemon pearl?

You are a bad egg.

Egg that has no Pokemon in it?

That's a Bad Egg. It's not really a Pokemon egg, but rather, a glitch.

How do you get a Bad Egg to hatch in Pokemon Pearl?

In my game it said i got it from the turn back cave, but i don't know how or when.

How do you remove a bad egg on Pokemon?

You can remove a bad egg its easy you need a action replay and the cloning Pokemon code then you clone one of your Pokemon with using the bad egg then its gone forever woo ho lol that's how to get rid of a bad egg

When does the bad hatch in Pokemon platinum?

If you are talking about the bad egg, it does not. That's why it is called a bad egg.

What will come out of a bad egg in Pokemon diamond?

There is no such thing as a bad egg. All eggs will hatch into whatever the female Pokemon that breeded to produce it was. There are only two other eggs you can get in the game, one is from Iron Island, it produces a Riolu. The other is from a hiker by the south east exit from Hearthome city, it produces a Happiny. there is such a thing as a bad egg unless if you hack. There is one way to get a bad egg, but it will be your opponents. sometimes when you use a 1 hit kill cheat the Pokemon you killed will turn into a bad egg. bad eggs are indestructable and they waste all your pp.

Can a bad Egg in Pokemon hatch?

usually a bad egg can not hatch, a bad egg is NOT A WIFI EVENT, if bad eggs do hatch the game will either freeze or will hatch into another bad egg other Pokemon eggs at the time of a bad egg may hatch into bad eggs instead of Pokemon.There is no such thing as a bad egg in Pokemon.A bad egg can never hatch from itself it will just stay as a egg

Is there a mystery egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No only a Bad Egg.

What is a bad egg Pokemon?

A Bad Egg is a glitch egg in the Pokemon games that willwreak havoc and kill everything if you do hatch it.Here's how it works:1) Bad Egg will hatch from your normal, everyday Egg.2) One step later, Bad Egg will hatch and the game will FREEZE!!!3)BAD EGG KILLS EVERYONE!!!