Why did they invent video games?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Because its a form of entertainment, like TV or cinema etc.

chris:there was a Holocaust survivour by the name of ralf baer who came to the states and got a job making televison designs. he one day had the idea of putting a little game inside the tv he was designing. but his production was behind so they wouldn't let him try. he later created the oddessy the words first electronic game devise. the patend is in his name.

ask yo mum!!?

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Q: Why did they invent video games?
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What did Ralph baer invent?

he invented video games..

How did they invent video games in 1958?

they didn't the first video game came out in 1962

When did Chris Morris invent video games?

October 20th, 1966

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law+games =games

Why did Nolan Bushnell invent the first video game?

Nolan Bushnell did not invent the first video game. It was Willy Higinbotham who invented "Tennis for Two" in 1958. Why he did it, I'm not sure.

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William Higinbotham

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Yes, Denmark has video games. A lot of video games.

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the first video game ~student of THS

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Video Games

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