Why did sonic x end?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the company just doesn't exist anymore.

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Q: Why did sonic x end?
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At the end of sonic x did sonic get back to planet x?

no he did not

At the end of sonic x did sonic get back to his planet?


How old is Sonic at the end of Sonic x?

Sonic is referred to as 15 in all of the modern media he's related to.

What episode does cream's mom appear in sonic x?

She Appears in episode 39 of sonic x near the end of the episode.

Does shadow die at the end of sonic x?

he just disappears at the and

What year did sonic x end in?

In english it ended i think 2006

What would happen if Sonic the hedgehog from Sonic x met Sonic the freedom fighter from Sonic underground?

Sonic from Sonic X would ask who Sonic the freedom fighter was and then the freedom fighter said he was Sonic the Hedgehog and they would start a huge fight and in the end Sonic from Sonic X would win because Sonic Underground is dumber than Sonic X. well, for one, that cant happen because both tv shows were based on the same character, but with different meanings. my point of view is sonic underground sucks, and sonic x rocks! :D but that's just me. from mf842

What Sonic TV series is after Sonic x?

there is no animated sonic tv series after sonic x. sonic x IS the last sonic TV series.

When will hyper Sonic be in Sonic x?

Hyper sonic was never shown in sonic x it was just for the game

Is silver on sonic x?

No he does not come out on sonic x

In what episode of sonic x does sally kiss sonic?

Sally isn't in Sonic X

What is the x in sonic x for?

As in SONIC ANONYMOUS The "X" means "X-tream" NN96