Why did shepherd betray you in mw2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cos he a prik

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Q: Why did shepherd betray you in mw2?
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Does shepherd survive in cod mw2?


Why did Shepherd betray you in modern warfare 2?

Because he's a noob.

Why does shepherd betray tf141 in mw2?

Because shepherd wanted to be a war hero in the eyes of the world, so he killed roach and ghost so it looked like he did it all himself. He also wanted all the world to look up to him and make it so he would know all the secrets of the world he wanted no shortage of volunteers for the rangers

How do you get Get hand picked for Shepherd's elite squad on CoD4 MW2?

There is no explanation for that.

What is Shepherd's quote at the start of MW2?

"The more things change, the more they stay the same"

How does soap kill shepherd in MW2?

he throws a knife in his eye while fighting captain price

Why does LTG Shepherd betray Captain price?

Because he wanted special Intel that only the good guys have recovered.

Why does sheperd betray you in MW2?

he betrays you because you know to much you know about the no russian failure and he wants to be a more powerful man and does'nt want any losse ends

How do you get the green star emblem withe the four on mw2 also how do you get the general Shepherd emblem on mw2 as well?

to get the green star with the four u need to get 5+kills with a persision airstrike and i have no idea how to get the general Shepard one

Why does shepherd betray you in MW2?

Before you started the mission where he betrays you (Loose Ends),he said something about a blank check.So i think that he felt that he wasn't payed enough for training the task force.And he thought that Ghost and Roach were the most popular and were payed the most.So he wanted to eliminate them.But Cpt.Price didn't trust Shepherd and so he knew this was going to happen.He told Cpt.(Soap) MaCtavish and that is why at the end you kill him.Makorov hated Sheperd and gave away Sheperds location.

How would you use the word betray in a sentence?

Don't tell him the secret, or he'll betray you and tell the others. Traitors are individuals who betray their homeland.

What part of speech is betray?

Betray is a verb.