Why did Millsberry shut down?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The reason is because Millsberry didn't make enough money on membership and similar problems. It was an awesome site and it deserved to stay online a little longer but unfortunately it couldn't. If you are a girl and you need another website, is a good option. If you're a guy, is another big one I'd recommend you to try.

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Q: Why did Millsberry shut down?
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How do you get millsberry log in?

Millsberry doesn't exist anymore. It was shut down, sorry!

You cant seem to be able to play millsberry arcade games why?

millsberry has shut down and I think they should bring it back

Why can't i log onto millsberry any more?

because its finished theyve shut it down :0

What do you do in millsberrys?

You sign up then get a house then play arcarde games to earn millsberry money then go to the stores to buy thing for your house and have fun.It is basically an online world where you can show off.Update: Millsberry has now been shut down.

What happened to Justin your millsberry character?

millsberry is shuting down

Is millsberry closed?

Millsberry, free website for all to play, has recently shut down. The reason was that Millsberry wasn't making much of a profit, many users didn't use it any longer, and their cereal sponsors weren't making a profit either. For the 6 years that Millsberry was open, us citizens all enjoyed it greatly. It will deffinately be a site that will be missed.

Is millsberry really shutting down true or false?


Does millsberry still work?

NO! THE SHUT IT DOWN IT SAYS THIS N0W: Millsberry was an awesome place for kids to be themselves, connect with other kids and their virtual buddies, play games and have a blast! WE WERE SAD TO SAY FAREWELL TO SUCH A PHENOMENAL TOWN, but we're happy to tell you about lots of cool stuff you can download now like:Instant Messenger icons, Wallpapers, Downtown Millsberry History Book and Posters It sucks i know one day i wanted to play and i was disappointed :'(

How do you earn belts on Millsberry?

Scroll down and click dojo. indianajones66

How to shut down the shut down panel BioShock?

You just shut down computer

How do you go to yard sales on millsberry?

you can just go to your millsberry home and you will see a sign that says yard sale.Just click on itand wait till it loads and scroll down.

How do you get sylavnie on millsberry?

whats millsberry?