Why Minecraft shut down?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was temporarily shut down to protest SOPA and PIPA.

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Q: Why Minecraft shut down?
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Why is minecraft for free shutting down?

No. Minecraft cannot be shut down. But if you mean if it will stop updating, that will not be any time soon

Will the sopa bill stop people from buying minecraft?

No, it won't. Unless is shut down, which is incredibly unlikely.

Where do you find Minecraft the game?

You find it on mojangs website Which is currently shut Down in protest to sopa/pipa type in minecraft in the search bar and click the first result... When they reopen their website that is.

How to shut down the shut down panel BioShock?

You just shut down computer

Why is minecraftforfree not working?

If you are talking about Minecraft Classic, then, yes it does work.

Why did quizillacom get shut down? has not shut down.

Why did nickeloden shut down?

Nickelodeon has not shut down.

What rockets that can be reignited after they are shut down?

what can be reignited after they are shut down.

How do you get everyone to shut up on minecraft?

i think f1 hides the chat

How do you get people to shut up on minecraft?

Tell them that you'll ban them if they continue.

Is call of duty 4 multiplayer shut down yet 2011?

No. It has never shut down, and probably never will shut down.

Is being shut down?

no is not being shut down.