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You cant get the Golden Puffle simply because Club Penguin never sold it. The Golden Puffle is only a CP fairytale.

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Q: Why can't you get the Golden Puffle on Club Penguin?
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Where do you get a golden puffle on club penguin?

you cant

Is there a golden puffle?

There is a Golden puffle but you cant buy it is a play at the club penguin stage

How do you get a rinbow puffle on club penguin when your puffle names are diffrant?

??? You cant get a rainbow puffle.

Who to get a rain bow puffle on club penguin?

you cant

Why cant you find the puffle catalog in club penguin?

The puffle catalog is in the puffle shop in the plaza.

Why can't you buy a puffle in club penguin?

You can buy a puffle but cant let the puffle get hungry or sad or they will go away for EVER! you cant buy a puffle for someone else. Sorry.

How do you get the white elite puffle on club penguin elite penguin force?

You cant get over it

How do you get a free puffle in club penguin without being a member?

you cant get a puffle because you are not a mamber

How do you get a spotted puffle n club penguin?

Well you really cant get a spotted puffle they are not real

How do you get a BROWN puffle without being a member in club penguin?

You cant

What if you don't have the leash on the play tag on club penguin?

Then you cant walk your puffle. :)

Can you walk more than one puffle on Club Penguin?

No sorry you cant ;)