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you have to hit FN

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Q: Why can't I use the F keys in Minecraft?
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Why won't F5 make me go into third person on Minecraft?

If you are playing Minecraft Classic, they don't have 3rd person mode. EDIT: Also, if your computer OS is Windows 7, you cant use F5 or any of the other F keys. Hopefully this will be fixed.

How do you find your coordinates on a mac in minecraft?

It's one of the "F" keys. I think it's F-3? You may have to go into the control panels in Keyboard option to set the F-keys to Function keys.

How do you get out of third player in minecraft on mac?

You can toggle the different views and other options via the F-keys. Use the fn key with them if you changed how they work.

What keys in Minecraft change the view from first-person on a MacBook?

F-5 key. You may have to push the fn key at the same time depending how you have the F keys set up.

How do you leave a faction on minecraft?

You use /f leave [faction name]

What to do if your looking around slows down in minecraft?

Just hit f6 or f8, forgot which one but just try the f keys and eventually something will work.

How do you set home in faction minecraft?

On the factions plugin, use /f sethome to set the home for your faction. Use /f home to teleport to it.

How do you use F12 on MacBook and not use volume?

Keyboard shortcuts are controlled in System Preferences/Keyboard. Apple has preselcted some keys such as F10, F11, and F12 to control volume. These keys can be set to other functions in the System Preferences/Keyboard pref pane. There are many function available. Take care in setting them so that you don't have two keys doing the same function. To use the F keys as function keys and not as the preset keys, press the fn key on the keyboard first, and then press the F# key you need.

Minecraft i spawned and and have no weapons i can still use my weapons but i can not see them and when i go to my inventory they are there plus i can not get back to my house i have a map cant see it?

When you first spawn on a new map you will have nothing. You have to find/make them.Hit the F-1 key to see your stuff. F-1 turns your screen information on and off.

Which finger should you use in hitting letter f and j?

Those are the home keys for your index fingers.

What is special keys at the top of the keyboard also called F Keys?

They are function keys (F1, F2, F3, up to F12). F5 is the reload or refresh key, F11 is the full screen mode, and the other keys either have a use or none at all.

How do you create a minecraft server that has a killzone?

Use the plugin Factions to create Warzones. You can use the command '/f claim warzone' to create one