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Flareon can't evolve

you can only evolve eevee into: /flareon/jolteon/vaporeon/leafeon/glaceon/umbreon/espeon

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Q: Why can't I evolve my flareon in Pokemon diamond?
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How do you evolve pickachu into mew in Pokemon diamond?

you cant

Where do you catch a skuntank in Pokemon diamond?

You cant, you need to evolve a Stunky.

Where can you catch a Torterra in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you have to start with turtwig and evolve it or trade with someone

How does Piloswine evolve in Pokemon Silver?

It cant evolve in Pokemon silver, but it can it diamond/pearl. You just level it up when it knows ancient power. Then it evolves into Mamoswine.

Were do you find the evolution of bermy in Pokemon diamond?

you cant you have to get a burmy by slathering a tree with honey and then evolve it

What level does magneton evolve in Pokemon HeartGold?

it mite evolve with a thunderstoneYou cant. You have to level a magneton up at Mt.Coronet in diamond, pearl, or platinum. Then it will evolve into Magnezone

How do you be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

you cant be a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond

How do you evolve rhydon in pokemon firered?

you cant evolve rhydon in fire red because the "protector" wasn't incorperated into the games until diamond/pearl

How do you get a shaymin to go into sky form on Pokemon soul silver?

you cant. you can only evolve it in Pokemon platinum, or by action replay in diamond or pearl

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl what Pokemon is after Snorlax?

well u must know that 1st you have 2 get munchlax and then you have 2 make it happy 2 evolve so snorlax cant evolve

Where can you get rental Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant you cant

How do you get luiga in pokemon diamond?

you cant get Lugia in Pokemon Diamond