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because there ISN'T any. maybe the 3ds might have it

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Q: Why can't I download DSi tube on my DSi?
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Can you download movies on DSI XL?

You cant download movies or watch movies or watch videos and you cant play games on dsi xl:(

How do you download pictures from you dsi internet to your dsi system?

you cant do it not in less you have a 3ds

How do you download music on dsi with out sd card?


How do you download music to nintiendo DS?

You cant only on a dsi aki.

How do you download flash player to your dsi so i can watch YouTube?

you cant

How do you download pictures to your DSI?

You cannot download pictures on a Nintendo DSi, although you can either take pictures but u cant download any u can also put them on facebook too

How do you download DSiTube 1.3?

go to your ds browser and go to search then type in home4dsi then tap search and then go to dsi tube then dsi tube again and then select a catogory then it should say down load dsi tube (or just watch youtube) thanks for reading!

How do you watch videos with sound on the DSi?

You cant. The DSi can only send pictures to an online source. You cannot download anything TO the DSi that cannot be found inside the DSi store. You cant even watch online movies due to the fact you cannot download Java, Flash, or Shockwave. Maybe in the future Nintendo will get on the ball, until then......Sorry.

Can you go on any website with the Nintendo DSi?

allmost.... you cant play videos from u-tube and so on....

How can i download songs from you tube?

you cant youtube is only for videos.

How can you post DSI tube videos on DSI tube?

Ttake video

How do you browse the websites that need flash player on the DSI?

you cant. the dsi web browser does not use flash so no you tube. Nintendo may come out with a new one