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in pictochat or download play
Simple! Use your DS Download Play!

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Q: How do you connect a DSi to another DSi?
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Is the 3 mobile broadband able to connect with the Dsi?

No It Is Not Possible To Connect It To A Dsi

My action replay dsi broke the part that you connect to your PC what is another way to put in long codes?

no no there is not

Will a DSI connect with a psp?

Sense the P.S.P. is made by Sony, and the DSi is made by Nintendo, they probably wont connect.

Can you connect a DS to DS lite for multiplay?

Yes you can. You can also connect DSi to DS and DS Lite to DSi.

Can you download games on the dsi?

Yes, the DSi can connect to the DSi store, from which games can be bought and downloaded.

You cant connect your dsi to the internet?

Yes the dsi has internet connection

Do you have to have wireless connection to connect the dsi on-line?

The DSi needs to connect to a wireless system to work and you should get wireless connection for your DSI because guess what? you can get on-line any time!

Can you connect a DS to a DSi?

Yes you can.

Can you connect the internet to a DSi?


Can the DSI connect to the internet?


Can the 3ds be connect with the dsi?

Yes, it can.

Can you download games on a dsi wireless?

Yes, you connect to the DSi store wirelessly.