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it is just to make the game more interesting, the spice things up. Nothing to do with the gameplay.

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Q: Why are there someones keys on the slot machine in the game corner in Pokemon fire red?
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Where do you get fire blast in Pokemon Crystal?

In the goldenrod game corner as a prize, with 5500 Credits

Where do you find the fishing poles in Pokemon FireRed?

easy u go to fire area in the corner

How do you get the fire stone in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find a fire stone at Fuego Ironworks, Stark Mountain (With Dowsing Machine).

What is the rarest Pokémon in Pokémon ruby?

The rarest you can get is groudon who is a fire-machine type pokemon.

Where can you find the TM Fire Blast on Pokemon Silver?

game corner in golden rod for 5500 coins

Which part in the safari zone to catch Scyther in Pokemon fire red?

You can catch it in the central area the one you start in or get 6,000 coins in the game corner and buy one from the Pokemon exchange next to the game corner the middle area is the Pokemon exchange.

Where is TM ice beam in Pokemon fire red?

That is available in Team Rocket Game Corner in celadon city

What is the statue sequence in the mansion on Pokemon fire red?

that statues helps you to go to any corner you want in the mansion.

Where to catch the Pokemon that has a move can let a Pokemon sleep?

Well in Fire Red, you always have Poliwhirl's in the top left corner of Cerulean City. They know Hypnosis!

How do you get past the ghoast blocking the door at the Pokemon tower in Pokemon fire red?

You have to go to the next city and beat the team rocker hideout which is in the Game Corner.

On Pokemon Fire Red where is the time machine?

There is no time machine. Bill creates a molecular transporter thingy, and on one island, bill's friend make the machine that lets you trade between sapphire, emerald, ruby, and Pokemon Colosseum games.

Which slot machine is best to get coins in Pokemon fire red?

All slot machines have the same chances.