Who would win Lucario or Lugia?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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lucario sure win cause one of it's movesets

please check a boy can slave a pokemon god.

legendary? we ALL CAN BEAT IT!

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Q: Who would win Lucario or Lugia?
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Which Pokemon would win zorark or Lucario?

lucario, always lucario

Who would win in a fight hoho or Lugia?

Assuming you mean Ho-oh or Lugia, Lugia would win because he's a Psychic type and could control Ho-oh. And if you mean Hoho junk food, Lugia would still win.

Who will win Lugia vs hoho?

i don't know who would win lugia has a higher defence but ho-oh has a higher attack

Who would win Lucario or Deoxys?

Lucario plz cause why? check lucario movesets and who says about normal pokemons can't beat legendary? OBJECTION! THAT IS SO WRONG!

Is this a good team Lucario latios Garchomp Charizard lugia and Articuno?

I would, but it is really based on moves/stats and how you team them up.

How would win in a fight shadow Lugia or Lugia?

dude there the same person there is only one luigia

Would Lucario or Charizard win a battle?

I think Charizard would win because Lucario is fighting and steel type and Charizard is Fire {strong against steel} and Flying {strong against fighting}

Can you catch Lugia in pearl?

You cannot capture Lugia in Pokèmon Pearl. If you mean Palkia, you can find it in Spear Pillar after you "beat" the game. ~Lucario

Who would win in a battle between Lugia and Kiogre?

lugia can use thunder(I think), and kyogre can use ice beam. Lugia would win because if one of them used rain dance,thunder would hit. If lugia couldn't use thunder, kyogre would win. Kyogre can use thunder and ice beam and Kyogre's ability causes it to rain so thunder would not miss. Kyogre would win if they were even stats and even trainer skill level.

Who would win in a fight nidoking or Lucario?

NidoKing because he is ground/poison and lucario is steel/fight so nido will win in by a landslide! although lucario has awesome moves its not enough. you can give nido super powered moves! and nido is the best!!!!!!!

What would happen if Lucario fought Mewtwo?

If you want a SERIOUS answer: If Lucario and Mewtwo fought as CPUs both on level 9, there is no telling who the winner would be.If you want a HILARIOUS answer:Captain Falcon would come out and FALCON.... PUNCH! both of them.Lol, if you want the real answer, lucario wouldn't fight mewtwo xD but if mewtwo fought lucario and lucario had no choice lucario would win, because of his high aura abilities,

Who will win Lucario or Mewtwo?

OBJECTION! *shakes heads like edgeworth* typical sonic fan who always want sonic wins. did you think seeing c**t on lucario fans forehead? Lucario will throw a chili dog when he got a chance then sonic gone crazy on it then lucario can kick him! HOW BOUT THAT SONIC FAN!