Who wants free Pokemon in TPPCRPG?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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They will be level 5 unless you tell me a certain level (with in reason) that you want them at. There is no limit to the number of Pokemon you get, and it is totally free.

When you email me, it should be in this format.

Title: Re: Who wants free Pokemon in TPPCRPG

Body: I was wondering if I could have (Insert Pokemon Here w/ level wanted).

My username is (Insert Username here)

My Trainer Number is (Insert Trainer Number here)

Email me at if you do

Please do not edit this.

I can trade Regirock/Steel/Ice

I can also trade Dark/Shiny Mudkip/Treeko/Torchic


My trainer number is

Trainer 2893957

My Trainer Username is

iFail V5


Here's how it works.

You email me all the info, and I will send a trade request of the Pokemon you want (Cation: The Pokemon you want might be a higher level than you requested, so be prepared. Don't worry, it won't be lower unless it is above 250. I will trade the Pokemon you want for a level 5 in your box. I will then email you back the trade number, and then all you have to do is accept and badabing badaboom! Free Pokemon!


You may ask why I am doing this. Well, that is simple. When I had those whimpy level 5s, I was begging for a decent Pokemon. Its pretty hard to find a giver. So I dicided that people who want good n' rare Pokemon should get it. No madder what.


Send this link to your friends if you want!

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Q: Who wants free Pokemon in TPPCRPG?
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