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Q: Who said when it gets dark enough the stars come out?
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Can stars be dark?

the space has no boundaries so trillions of stars are in the space it gets not enough light that is why the space is dark

What is the button for in the right dashboard speaker in a Chevy blazer 2000?

That is not a button, but a light detector. When it gets dark enough, the headlights automatically come on.

Do all the same stars come out at night?

The starts don't come out at night, there are always there. It's that we can only see them at night because when the sun goes down, the sky gets dark and it becomes easier to see them.

How black hole kill stars?

Anything that gets too close to the dark hole will fall into it, and be destroyed.

What time stars visible tonight?

As soon as the sun sets and it begins to get dark, stars slowly start to come out. As it gets dark at different times on different days, then the answer is different each day. Bright stars come out first. So sometimes there are bright stars that will appear earlier. It can be interesting trying to spot stars starting to appear. If you know where a bright star should appear, which takes a little knowledge of the night sky or trying over the course over a few nights until you know where to look, you can see them starting to appear. Bright ones appear first and then the dimmer ones.

What happens when the sky is black?

Everything gets dark, and the stars start glowing from space. UNless youlive in a location with alot of lights..

What do you use to have an outdoor light come on automatically when it gets dark?

You can purchase what is known as a Dusk To Dawn Light. It'll turn on automatically when it gets dark and turn off again at the dawn. They are available at many home improvement stores.

When was When the Going Gets Dark created?

When the Going Gets Dark was created on 2006-03-21.

Is that a word fhdpgjss?

No. Not unless you come up with a meaning and get enough people to use it, that it gets published in a dictionary.

When does the sun rise in the winter of Alaska?

In Anchorage, Alaska. The sun will rise really early in the summer (about 2.20AM) and will set at about 11.15PM, althought it never really gets "dark" during the night. In the north of Alaska the sun is up all day and "night" and they get the midnight sun.

Who discovered black holes 1st?

Philosopher and scientist John Michell gets credit as being the first known to propose the existence of black holes, which he called "dark stars." He pointed out that if a star were heavy enough, its gravity could be so great that light might not be able to escape and so it would not be visible.

What gets more dark as it gets cleaner?

black shoes