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Duncan.Or Lalna thats somewon calls him (YogscastLalna)

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Q: Who plays fumblemore in shadow of israphel?
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Who plays israphel in the shadow of israphel?

The 2012 Christmas livestreams revealed that Israphel is played by Sjin.

Who plays skylord lysander in shadow of israphel?


Who is israphel in Minecraft?

He is an actor in the series, Shadow of Israphel. He is not in the actual game and I am sorry if I have ruined your emersion.

When will shadow of israphel part 38 come out?

it already has im waiting for shadow of israphel part 42 to come out wich will come out on the 27th of july 2012

Who is the minecraft person with the white creeper head and a black body?

Israphel from the series "Shadow of Israphel" made by the Yogscast

Is there a part39 of shadow of israphel by bluexephos?

Not yet... Frankly, I wish they would record more of it.

Who is Israphel?

The bad guy in the Shadow of Israphel made by the Yogscast, they still haven't revealed who it really is but allot of people think it is TotalBiscuit however I guess it could be Sips or Sjin - it can't be Lalna/Duncan/LividCoffee because he plays Old/Knight Peculiar who has been on the scene during battles with him.

What was in madame nubescu's chests on shadow of israphel?

Things need to predict the future. A recipe for the players to get

When is the shadow of israphel part 39 coming?

read description in the helicopter,3d items and helicopter mod

Who is skylord lysander?

Skylord Lysander is a character from the yogscast youtube hit on minecraft called 'Shadow of Israphel'

What is honeydews multiplayer server on Minecraft?

You are not allowed on the server unless you are a friend of Simons, or if you are a part of the Shadow Of Israphel cast. Sorry :\

When Is shadow of Israphel part 38 coming out?

SoI isn't produced to a schedule. Nobody know when the next one will come out.